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2018 Loyalty360 Awards

about the loyalty360 awards

What are the Loyalty360 Awards?

Now in their 5th year, the Loyalty360 Awards are the most coveted awards in customer loyalty. With an emphasis on objectivity, The Loyalty360 Awards recognize brands that are building lasting and profitable relationships with customers. 


The call for entries is open from December 13 – February 23, 2018. Judging will take place in early March. Finalists will be notified in late March. The Loyalty360 Awards will be presented during Loyalty Expo in Orlando, Florida.  

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Any brand with a customer loyalty strategy, initiative, or program is eligible to enter. 

Vendors and partners may submit on behalf of their clients, but are required to submit contact information for their client and – should the client be named a finalist – are required to have representation from the client company to participate in the final judging process and ceremony. 

Vendors and partners are strongly encouraged to collaborate with their clients on entry submissions in order to ensure that the responses are as comprehensive as possible, capturing the company’s entire customer loyalty strategy and corporate objectives. 

In the event there is a question on any part of the award submission, Loyalty360 reserves the right to request clarification from the brand. 

Finalists & Winners

Four finalists will be named in March 2018 for each of the six categories. To complete the judging process, the finalists will be invited to the 2018 Loyalty Expo, where each brand will give a 10-minute presentation of their entry to the audience. Following the presentations, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze winners will be announced during an awards ceremony. All finalists will receive an award at the ceremony. 

Brands may submit for as many categories as they would like. Although brands may only be named a finalist in a maximum of 2 categories (determined by their highest judging scores), additional entries will be considered in judging the overall 360-Degree Brand Award, due to its holistic and competitive nature. 

Loyalty360 Awards Categories

Creative Campaign

Technology & Trends

Customer Analytics & Data

Program Partnership

Loyalty/Reward Program Design

Employee Engagement

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The 2018 Loyalty360 Awards Nomination Brochure

2018 Loyalty360 Awards Categories & Questions

Loyalty360 Honors

About the Loyalty360 Honors

The Loyalty360 Honors will be awarded separately to brands and suppliers that, based on the extensive industry experience of Loyalty360 & the conference advisory board, have shown a unique drive, passion, focus and commitment to advance the customer loyalty landscape. Loyalty360 & the conference advisory board will select the winners for each category, which will be recognized during the Loyalty360 Awards ceremony. Entrants do not need to apply for the Loyalty360 Honors, but will be nominated based on their awards submissions and/or involvement with Loyalty360 over the past year. 

Loyalty360 Honors Categories

Holistic Innovation

New Loyalty Launch

Loyalty Innovation

Marketer of the Year

Company of the Year

Loyalty360 Hall of Fame


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